Rev. David G. Persons
Dave Persons is a retired ordained minister with over 40 years of experience as pastor of 3 churches, his last for 33 years in Hamburg, New York.  He and his wife of 51 years, Naomi, remain in Hamburg near their 4 children and 10 grandchildren.  He enjoys the wilderness and wooded areas along with closeness to the shoreline of Lake Erie.  He has made trips to Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaiian Islands and Alaska.  In 1987, with a grant from San Francisco Theological Seminary, he traveled to India to visit various ashrams in seeking a deeper understanding of prayer and meditation.   He speaks occasionally in various settings to share and discuss his evolution in understanding a universal spirituality which dates back to the early Christian church and beyond. 

A short biography of my life

  • Born in 1943 in Westfield, raised on a farm in Sherman, NY.
  • Graduated from Bob Jones University in 1965.
  • Graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 1971.
  • Deeply affected by Fr. Anthony De Mello lectures in 1986 at Le Moyne College.
  • Visited Ashrams in India in 1987 with a grant from SFTS. Resulted in dissertation titled, "Solitude: Door to Self-Knowledge and Empowerment."
  • Awarded a Doctorate of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1990.
  • Pastor of three Presbyterian Churches in Pennsylvania and New York.
  • Pastor at the Wayside Presbyterian Church in Hamburg, NY for 33 years.
  • Pastor Emeritus of Wayside Presbytery Church since June, 2011.
  • Married to Naomi for over 48 years with four children, eight grandchildren.
  • Member of the Theosophical Society.

Present Interests

Reading, speaking, writing, singing, golfing, mountain climbing, and his family.  He has been a 5-year member of the Theosophical Society of America with its international headquarters in Chennai, India. 


To help people experience their Spiritual Selves and thus freedom and peace. 

Present Studies

  • How the Jesus story was a continuation of ancient pagan mysteries.
  • Gnosticism as the foundation of Christianity.
  • Effects of Calvinistic Puritanism on our culture.
  • The Theosophical Society of American

Studied With

Basic Beliefs

  • All sacred scriptures have profit in reading and learning.
  • The Jesus Story may be an adaptation from several earlier "Mystery Stories."
  • The Fourth Century Church erred in making the Jesus story literal and exclusive of others.
  • Each person has the Divine within.
  • Our basic nature is Divine and Love rather than sin and depravity.
  • God's love is universally present in all and for all.
  • World peace comes from living and practicing it in compassion and kindness for all, especially our enemies.